Aesthetics and Ethics in the Digital Age

"The aim of this conference is to explore some developments in recent practice that raise new and interesting questions for the philosophy of art. As we all know, artists, or at least Avant Garde artists, produce art as a response to, and commentary on, contemporary life and the contemporary world. Avant Garde art is also characterised by trying to change the world to what the artists believe will be a better future. There is a set of artists, working independently in different parts of the world, who are creating new forms of technological interfaces and experimenting with the biological, the nano and the digital. At the heart of all their works is a deep ethos of balancing the aesthetic and the ethical in how we relate with others and our environment, whether in the same physical space or as distributed bodies. The spheres of the arts, sciences, and (in particular) technology overlap both to explore and to attempt to change the way in which we live in the world."

Maja Kuzmanovic is one of the speakers at this conference on the 6th of July. In her lecture Convivia, refugia, not always everywhere, Maja talks about isolation and retreat, adaptive homing and perpetual homecoming, with hospitality as a critical survival skill and an act of resistance.

Registration is free and open to all.