Results from the Great Bower Building Experiment

Showcase of participants' attempts at building bower bird architecture.

Certainty Ltd.

Certainty Ltd. is a clinic, consultancy and civic outpost for individuals and collectives dealing with problems caused by chronic uncertainty. We offer support for personal and organisational transit…


Viruscraft is a research project combining tangible interfaces, craft and computer games to explore how viruses jump from one host species to another, working with Dr. Ben Longdon and Dr. Ben Ashby.

Future of the Delta

A fieldwork team investigates future perspectives of the Dutch delta region from a multi-species perspective. Can the effort of looking from their vantage-points open up space for new insights, deepe…

Feral Business Coaching

feral business coaching is merging materials and understandings from life coaching, business strategy, feminist economics, dramaturgy, divination, DIY and design.

Rooted Hauntology Lab

Rooted Hauntology Co-working Lab is a research trajectory looking at the (im)possibility of collaboration between humans and plants.

Arka Kinari

Subversive, immersive and partially submerged, Arka Kinari is a multimedia performance staged from the deck of a traditional sailing ship. Using live music and cinematic visuals Arka Kinari imagines …

(Algo|Afro) Futures artist announcement

We're very happy to announce the four artists selected for the (Algo|Afro) Futures programme, who will be approaching live coding from diverse range of practices including spoken word, digital a…

Techniques Journal: Animating Worlds

Techniques Journal is a new peer-reviewed publication examining techniques for intervening in the many crises our planet faces today. The inaugural issue on Animating Worlds "lively and full of …

AccessLab for libraries - end of project review

We’ve come to the end of the latest series of AccessLab workshops. This post is a debrief on how we’ve progressed and a review of the feedback.

Art, Technology and The Cosmos

The opening panel of the event on Art, AI and Everything Else, started with not knowing, ventured into augmented sociality, ancestral knowledge, corporate cyborgs, ecological intimacy and more. The v…